Llega la fiesta de Fin de Año y con ello dejamos atrás un 2013 desastrozo desde nuestro punto de vista.

Esperanzados en que el nuevo 2014 sea mucho mejor hemos querido hacer un esfuerzo y llegar a todos en estas fechas.

Por eso, hemos hecho esta oferta para los días 30 y 31 de diciembre, dejando los precios con el siguiente descuento:

Naranja de Mesa recién cojida y sin pesticidas ni conservantes a 0.50 €/Kg

Naranja para Zumo recién cojida, sin pesticidas ni conservantes a 0.40 €/kg

Visita www.naranjasdelguadalquivir.com y come salud

Orange Christmas Pleasures

Welcome to Naranjas del Guadalquivir…

the little orange paradise  that you can enjoy it!!

Firstly ,  I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Maria del Pilar Rica and I had an idea – I am going to create a group with friends from all around the world and they will be able to eat ours oranges and vegetables.

I want that this group proves and savours the golden fruits that I cultivate and make grow with so much fondness and dedication.  I am sure that the land is generous with you when you love it and when by means of a system of permanent agriculture or permaculture combine the elements in order that make a symbiosis between land, nature and man.

We love fruit with flavour and fresh!!

At naranjasdelguadalquivir.com we bring you the best oranges and vegetables from our estate. We pick them one by one and in no time you will be enjoying them at home!  Fruit from the tree delivered to your door!  Increible!

Place your order now and start to eat something good and full of  vitamins.

On the Naranjas del Guadalquivir website you can take a look to ours fruits and cultives. Also you can know more about us on Twitter ( @NyVGuadalquivir ) or Facebook ( https://es-es.facebook.com/NaranjasdelGuadalquivir)

Orange Christmas pleasure anyone?