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Naranjas y Mandarinas de Sevilla de producción ecológica, 100% orgánicas

Romero Bag

Romero Bag
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Romero Bag

It is a fragrant plant very used in aromaterapic or  in kitchen as seasoning, and the medicine attributes to him deservedly stimulant properties, in a special way on the glands córticorrenales. Said gládulas segregate a part of the sexual hormones, which explains his aphrodisiac virtues. The dose of an infusion is of a teaspoonful of coffee full of dry leaves for cup, taking 3 cups a day. Also it is possible to use the dye of rosemary, to the dose of 15 daily drops.

Likewise, the rosemary enters the composition of a vegetable mixture, for an aphrodisiac bath, which turns out to be aromatized: rosemary, sage, oregano, mint, and flowers of camomile, in proportion of 100 gm of every plant. It is necessary to add 50 gm of nut moscada grated well. An infusion is done in some liters of boiling water and is left in maceration an entire day. Forthwith, it filters, adding 100 gm of dye of ginegra and 100 gm of nail of spice. The obtained product is spilt in the bath.

Every bag or bunch of twigs brings 20 twigs approximately.

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