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Naranjas y Mandarinas de Sevilla de producción ecológica, 100% orgánicas

About Us

Nothing that we say about ourselves in this line of presentation would be able to modify or add anything to the criteria that you yourself will be if you decide to try our products.

In Naranjas y verduras del Guadalquivir we like to believe that our products are of high quality is why we want to make special mention to our land in Vega del Guadalquivir, sediment-rich river that has accumulated year after year, are fertilized with compost itself that our company produces.

Naranjas y verduras del Guadalquivir not only comply with traditional techniques, besides its R & D department is continually deepening its knowledge and improving the techniques of production and packaging to product's quality that you enjoy, comes to you as holding the field yourself. That is why your orders are picked fresh and delivered directly, bypassing the storage, treatment or cold storage, so their organoleptic properties are excellent with a flavor of ripe fruit on the tree.

More and more customers opt to buy directly from the farmer, the taste, freshness and quality that you taste our products are arguments that large chains can not offer. Normally the products you purchase are collected even months before you see them in the speakers, through treatment with chemicals ripening, color, preservatives, antipodridos and stored in large volumes in modified atmosphere that the fruit absorbs sweat.

We are producers, and eliminating the middleman we can offer a competitive price because the product is.

We are confident of maintaining a very closely relationship with our customers. We hope you will join our efforts and write to our email with your requests, questions and suggestions. New technologies make this purpose really fast and with only registering you will be one among us.

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